How important is scalp care? Do you really care for the scalp?

For the care of the head, we can only stay in the care of the hair of the root, but decide if this blue silk is beautiful and firm, but the scalp contains the power of life. Therefore, while we take care of the hair enough, we also have to pay half of the love to the delicate scalp.

The need to take care of the scalp

Take the problem of hair loss as an example. Many women are worried about their severe hair loss and are very upset about improving this problem. Is it effective to use shampoo against hair loss? This problem is really very simple. To solve hair loss, you should pay attention to the health of the scalp, not just the hair. Then, hairy and oily people who are very greasy, and women who dye frequently, deserve attention for the health of the scalp.
To measure the health of the scalp, there are three main indicators: oil, flora and metabolic balance. Which of these problems will be directly reflected, for example, when the disequilibrium of the flora of the scalp, there will be itching in the dandruff; When the oil secretion of the scalp is not balanced, the scalp will become very greasy. Therefore, whether it is oil, itching or hair loss, when these problems occur, you should first think of a problem with the health of the scalp, instead of focusing only on the hair.

How to care for the scalp?

In fact, the care of the scalp is the same as the facial, it can be cleaned carefully, then hydrated and finally a relaxing massage. This is the most basic professional care of the scalp. In general, the sebum of the scalp is approximately three times greater than the T-shaped area of ​​the face, so it is more serious to clean the pores and is not allowed to leave acidified substances such as oil on the scalp. In addition, after cleansing and moisturizing, it is necessary to properly massage the scalp to accelerate blood circulation and metabolism, which can promote hair growth.

What are the specific steps for scalp care?

The first step in the care of the scalp is to choose a special product to clean the scalp, which also improves the barrier function of the scalp itself. When washing with shampoo, not only intentionally cleans the hair, but also the scalp. Take an appropriate amount of specific lotion for the scalp, apply it using a small amount of water on the palm of your hand and gently massage and clean the scalp to help dirt from the pores float outward. After that, the second step is the daily process of shampooing and hair care. Finally, when blowing the hair, pay attention that the temperature can not be too high, otherwise it will cause the scalp to dry.