Authentic hair line identification method wig

Drilling test

You can test if the cornea of ​​the hair surface, that is, the hair, is damaged.

1. What is permeability? Hair transporosity refers to the ability of the stratum corneum to allow the absorption and penetration of moisture and hair products. Each person has a different penetration in the hair, and when the hair is permeable, the transparency increases. If the color is uneven under the sun’s rays, flowers with many impure colors can basically be considered as earth.

2. What is the difference between permeable hair and non-permeable hair? Scales of the stratum corneum of non-permeable hair are flat and dry, and when exposed to light, reflect light on average, which makes the hair look shiny and hair does not get easily damaged when combed. The permeable hair, because the scales of the stratum corneum are open, the hair is not uniform, the light penetrates and can not reflect the light, and the hair looks bright.

3, test method: lift a small amount of small hair, squeeze the tail of the hair, use your fingers along the hair shaft to slide down from the top to the root of the hair, if there is a rough feeling, It is permeable. It should be noted that different parts of the hair have different perforations, so it is necessary to try piercing different parts of the hair.

Elastic test

1. What is the elasticity of the hair? It refers to the ability of the hair to stretch and stretch and then return to its original length. Healthy hair can usually stretch to one third of its original length. When wet, the elasticity of the hair increases. If the stratum corneum is damaged, the hair is permeable, which reduces the elasticity of the hair.

2, Test method: first lift a hair, use the index finger and thumb to hold the ends of the hair, then stretch gently to see how much hair can be stretched, and when the hair returns to its original length, the length has changed . Usually, inelastic hair, damaged, can not withstand traction, easy to break